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A strong story that was interesting from beginning to end...You should read it



In this richly detailed story...Tangible imagery evokes living in, and celebrating, the seasons...The historical setting is fascinating in this adventurous and highly original tale

Fuel your mind: Notable Australian Children's Books 2008


Anna Ciddor has a wonderful talent for skilfully combining her talent as a storyteller and her knowledge of past cultures to bring history alive....Neatly structured to provide suspense, wonder and satisfaction, Ciddor's storyline unravels in measured stages, full of fascinating details, mystic magic, human insight and transformation.

Viewpoint magazine Spring 2007


Ciddor's accurate and detailed representation of the period accompany a story notable for the development of the characters and the excitement of the plot

Magpies magazine, 2 May 2007


The nuances of folkways and mores are appealing and surprisingly unique - no mean feat.

Magpies magazine, 25 June 2007


Clever and intriguing tale that's difficult to put down

Gold Coast Bulletin 14 August 2007


A great story and well researched

Launceston Examiner 12 May 2007


High adventure, ... a refreshing gender equality of opportunity...and ancient lore combine with coming-of-age themes of bullying, discovering individual strengths and fears, and learning the responsibility that comes with power

US reviewer Mary Arnold


Ciddor's stories will make you want to read them late into the night. 5 stars

Cairns Post 5 June 2007


Night of the Fifth Moon gives a fascinating picture of a society which appears simple yet is governed by quite sophisticated rules. Sacrifices and offerings are made to ensure the moon will return each month and spring will follow the long winter. Law is supported by brehons, who arbitrate disputes. Druids are revered as having power over the elements and the ability to predict the outcome of battles. Ket discovers the responsibility that comes with power and what can happen when power is used unwisely. Other themes include bullying, definitions of strength and the power of observation. There are strong male and female role models. Girls are as capable as boys and the same opportunities are available to them. Recommended for upper-primary to early-secondary readers. To read the full review click here


This was a really really good book, I enjoyed it immensely. First of all it wasn't about the whole world depending on these kids. At one point they do have a battle to fight in, but it's not a massive one. This whole feel made it seem way more real, and I have to say I just loved the book all around.


Fantasies are packed with adventures and surprises and never fail to keep you guessing. This novel is no exception to the rule...Set in old Ireland, amongst trees, forests and lush backgrounds, this novel will take you on a journey of the magical kind...You'll have to read this exciting tale to discover Ket's future and whether he has the skills, intelligence and cunning to become worthy of learning the old magical ways.

Armidale Express 29 October 2007


 This book is out of this world.

 I loved it because it was filled with all different sorts of things the fosterlings had to go through.

 I think the best thing about this book is that it is set in ancient Ireland and is about all sorts of different things such as druids that not many authors put in their books.

11 out of 10!

Olivia age 11:


It didn't feel like I was reading it – it felt like I was experiencing it

Jared age 12:


From Jemima age 12:

 You’re dying to know who’ll be next to go – it always keeps you on the edge of your seat!

 When I read it I felt like I was in a whole different world

 I felt like I knew each character

 Each character was unique, exciting and original


Wonderful! Builds up fantastically. Love the way it ends - battle and everything 

Jemima's grandmother


This book immerses you in an ancient world and you are there with the characters.

Cameron, age 11


Night of the Fifth Moon was a great read and a real page-turner. Everyone at the book group thought that the secret message was a really inventive idea. It's nice to have a book that is interactive as well as being fun to read. The characters were really well thought out and I find as a reader that it's really important that the characters have strong personalities. I thought it was a good idea that you went to Ireland to do some research as you were writing the book. You knew your background information which is really helpful for your readers, as they can get a sense of the culture that you are writing about.
Mim, age 12

I loved it! I couldn’t put it down! I especially liked the characters Ket and Nessa. I’m hoping there will be another book in the series so I can read that to!
Liam, age 10

I finished your book on the same night I got it. I could not put it down. I hope you make a sequel.


Your style of writing is incredible.

Irabaan age 11


When the first chapter was read to my class, I thought WOW. I love this book! It is so mysterious! A real page turner!
Olivia, age 11

Anna Ciddor's new book is outstanding and absolutely amazing.
Emily, age 11


I couldn't put it down! I loved it. It was one of my favorite books