Fact or fiction?


Is the world of the story a fantasy place?

No! Night of the Fifth Moon is set in ancient Ireland beginning in October of the year 415AD and ending in March of 416AD. Details of lifestyle in the story are based on historical research. For example,  children really left home at age seven to be fostered by other families. People thought this would help build better bonds between families.

Did the Battle of Moytura really happen?

We don't know, but the tale of the Battle of Moytura is a real old Irish legend and you can read it on the internet. Try this site. Night of the Fifth Moon is set in the part of Ireland where people believe the battle took place. Anna Ciddor visited this area and you can see a photo in Caught on Camera.

Were druids real?

Yes! Druids were scholars, poets, healers, and king-makers. They advised people when to plant crops and how to fight battles. They were the only people who could read or write. Legends tell how druids could foretell the future, and cast magic spells by standing on one leg, closing one eye and pointing a finger. Legends also mention the branches of bells and feather cloaks.

Is ogham a made-up code?

No! Ogham was a real alphabet used by the druids. It is sometimes spelt 'ogam' and it is pronounced OH-em.  

Why is the moon so important in the story?

In ancient times people relied on the changing phases of the moon to judge the passing of time. Click here to find out more about the moon.

Are the festivals of Imbolc and Samhain made-up?

No! They are real festivals from ancient times. The modern festival of Halloween is based on the old festival of Samhain (pronounced SOW-en).

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