Development of the front cover


Step 1

The designer came up with several cover designs.

Here are some of them.

What do you think of them?


Step 2

The author, Anna Ciddor, didn't think any of the sample designs was quite right.

She scribbled a picture of a silhouette figure she imagined for the front cover.

She traced it with black pen, photocopied it onto yellow paper and cut a moon shape behind it.


Step 3

The designer scanned Anna's rough black pen picture into her computer and developed the finished cover.

What do you think of it?


Development of the chapter illustrations


Anna Ciddor is the illustrator as well as the author of Night of the Fifth Moon.


Step 1

Anna cut a few moon shapes in lino squares and potato halves and printed them on paper.

They looked like this:


Potato print


Step 2

Anna found this style of artwork slow and boring. She wasn't looking forward to doing it over and over again for all the moon phases.

Her husband, Gary, showed her how to use a computer program to alter the prints she'd already made.

With the computer, Anna made one background shape and then manipulated the moon shapes to paste on top.


These are the finished illustrations that appear in Night of the Fifth Moon.


Your illustrating ideas

Here are some sample covers drawn by students at schools visited by the author: