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Question 1: Why are you patting a stone?

Answer: That photo was taken in Ireland while I was doing research for Night of the Fifth Moon. The stone is an ancient standing stone (fallen down a bit) and I wanted to know what it felt like so I could write about it in the story.


Question 2: Why were you doing research in Ireland?

Answer: The story is set in Ireland, about 415 AD. To write the book, I needed to find out how people dressed, what they ate, where they lived, how they cooked, what the scenery around them looked like...And most of all I needed to find out about the mysterious leaders called druids! I couldn't find the information in Australia (where I live) so I travelled to Ireland. 


Question 3: What did you do there apart from patting rocks?

Answer: You can see some of the places I visited in Secrets. I crawled inside a real burial mound late at night to see what it was like. I visited  reconstructions of ringforts, and I hunted for clues in museums. The most difficult task was finding out about druids, because although they were real people they led very secretive lives. I managed to uncover a few fragments of information that I've included in the story (see Secrets)


Question 4: Was it hard to write Night of the Fifth Moon?

Answer: Yes! It was very difficult to imagine living the lifestyle of the characters in the story, and trying to think the way they did. I had to imagine that I lived in a forest and believed everything around me had spirits, even the stones and the water.


Question 5: What inspired you to write Night of the Fifth Moon?

Answer: The idea was born while I was still writing my Viking Magic series: Runestone, Wolfspell and Stormriders. In Stormriders, one of the main characters was an Irish boy captured by Vikings. Researching his background, I unearthed some tantalising glimpses of Irish history. Scenes began to haunt my imagination, and I knew I had to turn them into a book. .


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